Song Lyrics
Build It On Rock Building relationships on a foundation of friendship and faith.
Don't Hold On To The Poison Letting go of bitterness and self-pity.
Don't Run Away Avoiding the trap of letting hypocrites repel you from a relationship with God.
Father of the Bride Asking for healing from child abuse by praying and accepting the Lord's saving grace.
Holdin' On Struggling to forget the one who dumped you.
I Cling To My Faith Finding strength in God amid illness, anxiety, loneliness or heartbreak.
Inside Looking Out Finding confidence, through God, to overcome fears.
Knight In Shining Armor Overlooking her King in her search for a knight.
Lost and Found Finding true love through Christ's claiming of the lost.
Mr. Lonely Fighting depression and loneliness by calling on God to make it go away.
No Doubt, Just Faith, His Glory Responding to the Spirit with a step of faith.
Now I See Getting past blindness to see the miracle of God's loving mercy and grace.
Out On The Edge Trusting in the Lord to catch you if you fall.
Silently Waiting Seeking direction and guidance from God.
Validation Watching her get burned over and over again for the same reason: low self-esteem.
What Might've Been Wondering what might have come of that relationship, IF ONLY ...
All songs: Copyright 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 Charles Alan Busby
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