Exotic Locals

I was invited by my boss, (at The Sun Herald) Roland Weeks, Jr., to fly in his airplane. At left, we are flying over Biloxi, Miss. I actually got to fly it! Below, this summer, I got to witness a space shuttle launch at Cape Canveral, Florida. It was tight! And, of course, a familiar tone for Alcorn State Braves.

My summer in the East Bay

Below, I am kickin' it in the East Bay of San Francisco. I am frontin' on a church member's Mileenia (5+5) but on the real, those summers (1994-1995) are the best summers of my life. It was Da Bum Diggity serving the Lord out there. And, of course, I got called to preach during that same summer (1994), so you know it was all good.

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