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Last updated: Jan. 3rd, 1999

You can e-mail me on any link similar to this: madskillz@jeffeco.com I have several e-mail addresses, so if you click on an e-mail link, it will save you trouble. I really appreciate your comments and please sign my guestbook. Thanks!

Hello all! My name is Willie Jefferson Jr., a '97 graduate of the Academic Resort, Alcorn State University (and a minister, Praise the Lord).

So, what has been happening? How about those basketball Braves? No-limit, uhhhhh! I haven't been updating this as much as I used to because broham has been busy. What has been going on lately with Alcorn? You tell me. Click here and let me know what is the 411. I haven't been on the Yard since November. Nothing has really changed.

Also, don't forget to peep out The Campus Chronicle Online. After some flak from the administration about using their name and stuff, and a few technical problems, we are back up and running. I thought they were going to revoke my degree! Alcorn - gotta love 'em! So, read The Campus Chronicle Online. Click here to visit the Web site. And please, sign our guestbook to let us know you visited.

As you know, I work for The Sun Herald (my newspaper - visit us online and e-mail me at:

and believe me, working for a newspaper is demanding so please be patient with my Web site). But on the real, I am crazy about my Alcorn State University, Purple and Gold FOREVER and I just love 'dem Braves!

Well, once again I hope you all enjoy my Web site and see you all on


Willie Jefferson Jr.

Alcorn State University Class of 1997, BAY-BAY!

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