Links for Braves

JEFFECO: A Christian company that sells books of prophecy and revelation in relation to astronomy and physical science.
Alcorn State University: This is the main link to the Reservation. Check it out!
Campus Chronicle Online: This is new and I have news from the 'Yard! A weekly online newspaper for Alcorn State Braves.
Alcorn State Web Ring: Are you a Brave? Wanna join the Ring? Click here!
The Alcorn E-mail Directory: It is finally here! It's under construction, but it is looking pretty good, now. If you want to be listed, e-mail me the info and I will add you as soon as possible. Check it out!
WD Design: This is the premier Web design biz. Take a peek. Not only am I the president, I am also a client.
My Survey Form: This is a new addition and I encourage you to peep it out! And fill it out!
My Official Bad Boy Page: This is my official page of my favorite links about the man himself, Big Willie Style.
All about me: Click here to find out more about me.
My Testimony page: This is the page where I continue to tell about the goodness of God. Check it out!
Braves' Guestbook: Yes, sign my guestbook and tell me your comments, what I can do to improve my site or whatever.

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Bryon's Web site: "Versace" Jr. is a trip. His Web site is something else. Take a look.
Bennie Wade's Christian Web site: This is my bestest friend's page. Check it out!
K-Ci's page: Now, he's not the infamous Jodeci member, but this fellow Brave and HoT BoY is 'bout it, 'bout it. Peep out his links. One Tru Brave who is representing Gloster and of course, Alcorn State, baby!
My education page: I added this link so you can see most of my educational accomplishments. It is a good laugh and hay, I have links to ALL of my institutions of education!
Air McNair Information Page: Statistics, information about the best college quarterback in history. This fellow Brave is the truth!
1998 Football Schedule: Yes, finally it's here. No more searching the Web for skeds!
My Photo Gallery: Yes, after much work, it's phatter than ever. Check it out!.
Search engines and e-mail: This is a phat Web site if you are looking for major search engines on one page.
More links: If you thought there were not enough already!
My Braves' Homebase Web Page: A quick way to get to my main Web page.