Prologue: This is the behind-the-camera look at the brightest star in the No-Limit for Christ fam, The Baptized Baller, the Dirty South preacher. These pages were inspired by Elizabeth Epps.

Back in the dayzback in the dayz


was always one for attention. That is, from Day-one. I just had to have it all. And ... I was raised in a Christian family. I grew up in church, but I didn't know what it was all about. I got baptized when I was 12 and became an usher in church. Yes, I was an alright kid, but I had a war raging inside of me. When I was 4, I was in the room with my parents and they were playing with a Ouija board. I didn't know I would become possessed. Those spirits kept me normal until the 4th grade. I drew a picture of me blowing my brains out and my mom and my teacher laughing at me.

I attended counseling, but ... I was a lost cause. I played the game the counselor wanted - I did what she asked. She fixed the exterior, but she didn't fix the interior. And I went through my teen years thinking it was normal to want to commit suicide. I was also fighting a losing battle against depression. And I even wrote a letter to God, asking Him to kill me.


the conversion
Finally, in 1991, I left for Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College at Perkinston, Perk - a new life away from my folks. I could be my own man - I could live the way I wanted to live - KICKIN' IT! - and not have to answer to anyone. So, that is what I did. I was determined to live my life for me. And I met a woman 4 years my senior and she wanted to have sex with me. I cared for her a great deal, but I was a virgin and I didn't want to throw it away on her just yet. So, she dumped me. I was devastated and tried my best to win her back. I didn't care - I was determined to have her. And I fell into a psychotic depression. I was ready to end it all. As I hopped in the shower one night, I was singing the Jodeci song, 'Stay,' and I had a few pills waiting for me.

And then, I heard a peaceful voice speaking to me.

"Willie, why are you going through all of this? Come to Me. Come to Me."

I was ready to end it all and I heard the Voice of Jesus. I cried and cried. I screamed out His Name and believed in my heart that God had raised Him from the dead. I didn't realize at the time that as the shower poured that water, my old, sinful man was going down the drain as a new creature came into the mix.

As a new creature, I was still with my peeps and unfortunately, I was still being influenced by them. I ended up losing my virginity. (Praise God I have been a born-again virgin for 7 1/2 years - yes, no sex for 7 1/2 years and it IS ROUGH!!!) I backslid and kept backsliding (I had a filthy mouth, tried to arrange booty calls and the whole 9) until 1994.

The Ice Cream man ... uhhh!!!

'bout it
In 1994, I heard God speak to me. He called me to the ministry! He said "I want you. I need you." I had considered summer missions, but I never thought seriously about it. I went out to Cali and had fun, but most of all, I was a willing vessel for the Lord. I ministered to several children and with my partner, Micah, we tag-teamed and was 'BOUT IT, 'BOUT IT on the Devil. But, he wasn't having that too long. On our way to Vacation Bible School, the van I was driving hit a dip in the road and bounced twice. The passenger side hit a car bumper (the car's bumper hit an oak tree) and pulled off 80% of the passenger side. Then, we hit and bounced off of a wall and hit a truck from behind. What a ride! If you click here, you can see exactly what I am talking about. But, I thank the Lord Micah and I walked away from it with a few bruises and scratches. So, Satan devised some things and my grandfather passed away. I was devastated, but I knew he was going to heaven. I had a chance to go home early, but I declined. Why, you ask? My grandfather's last words to me were: "Wherever you go, whatever you do, always put God first." From that act alone, 23 kids gave their lives to Christ.

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The honeymoon ... mission field
The mission field ... where do I start? I was selected to go on missions back in February of 1994. Initially, I went to Cali to holler at the fine babes. In my mind, I would holler first, tell everyone about Jesus later. But ... as soon as I boarded the flight, I told the Lord I was tired of playing. And ... I asked Him for some help. And ... He filled me with the Holy Spirit. After that, I didn't cuss anymore, didn't try to arrange 'Booty Calls,' and didn't try to scheme on women. I realized my 'soul' purpose was to be about the Father's business. (Luke 2:49) And Cali was the place to start! On the realie, missions are a learning experience. I learned about sacrifice - I learned about service - I learned about flexiblity.

me and my ex

eaux boy
So, when I stepped on Alcorn State University, I knew I had a mission to complete. Spread the Gospel. Share the Gospel. Live the Gospel. But don't think my blessings didn't cost me. I was engaged twice. (My ex-fiancee' is below) The second one hurt the most because I thought she was from the Lord. I literally cried when she said it was over. I can't explain why she left, but the Lord is working it out. Yes, it hurt. I had my heart broken, but I praise the Lord that He knows what I am going through. He went through more than any of us will EVER go through. He was scourged (he received 30 lashes from a belt with glass, metal and other sharp objects), beat, spit upon for one thing. Love. He loved us that much to endure the cross and pay for our sins. And with that revelation, I know He will bless anyone who comes to Him.

MIG - Men In God

the future ...
I really don't know about the future. As you know, I am a minister and I know that the Lord will bless me to pastor a church and find a virtous Christian woman, who will be my help meet. I haven't yet (I don't think), but I know she will be awesome, down with abstinence and reminding me of Jesus. I believe the Lord will bless me to do missions again and be about the Father's biz 24/7. I don't know what the Lord has in store, but I know I will be binding demons, fasting and praying and being about the Father's biz! Yepp, I will still be 'BOUT IT, 'BOUT IT for Jesus.

Da Bat Cave, Baby

Dark Side
There is a 'Darker' side of the Baptized Baller that I don't reveal on this Web site. I reveal just enough on this Web site to get you interested, but I am a whole lot deeper than this. The more you get to know me, the more I will reveal. Yet, there are some place in my heart and life that only The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost can take you.

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