Well, congrats to my fellow Braves who graduated! It was da bomb being back on the 'Yard, once again. I got to kick it with a lot of my peeps. And so many people thought I was still on the 'Yard! Well, gotz to give mad props to my peeps who helped me this time around: Larry King, Cardell Jenkins, Bennie Wade, George Sanders, Marvin Ratliff, my girl Rhonda Nichols, a fellow Brave at UAB, Mario from Clarkvegas, Ketia Shumaker, Arthur Robinson of the Natchez' posse, Terrence Cannon, Amy Pena (My Boo in Fla.), Tim Wade, Blanche Sanders, Miss Bass, Shannon Watts, Corey Degamport from Vburg, Anita Demby, Jana, Alton Funches, Derrick Davis, Doctor Crosby and the communication department, Mr. Sam at the gas station (Man, it's tight!) and all of my peeps who I forgot to name, charge it to the game! Much love to all my peeps.