tHe fLy-EsT giRLee on dA wEb !


DEFINITION OF A DIVA.................
If you came to my website looking for a REAL WOMAN.....then you've found her.

Online i'm known as fLyGiRL 777......but in "Real Time" people call me Jackie or Jackson.

IT'S ALL ABOUT ME.......................
I am a very private person who only lets a select few catch of glimpse of her personal side. I am, by nature, curious, inquistive, honest, independent, open-minded, classy and adventurous.

TURN ONS: I like strong, confident people like myself who enjoy good conversation, travel, photography, music, culture, current events and meeting new people!

TURN OFFS: Dishonesty, irresponsibility, ignorance and racism.

WHAT'S NEXT........
Check all of your "isms" at the door and come inside. Engage me in some good conversation.
I come from a very diverse background.....those who know me "gotta love me."
So jump right in and let's get busy.....besides the best part about all this is, you just might learn something. :-)

fLyGiRL G-sPoTs

Are you looking for a few good places to hang out on the Web? Hit the G-spot with some cool sites I've been known to frequent.
ChicK CLick
HomeWrecker (Clothing, Free Stuff, NaughtyPics)
Urban News Report
Live Music From Radio Stations
We Kick the Underground Freestyle Music
MSNBC (Get Your News Fix Here!!!)

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