Students question differential treatment from laundry

Cash customers get clothes hung, ID users get theirs in paper bags

by Talya Huntley

Some students don't know that they are allowed to put clothes in the laundry free on their identification. There is a fee included in the tuition for laundry usage. The fee appears on the bill at the time of registration.

On Mondays, men are allowed to put in two pair of pants, four shirts, four t-shirts, four towels, one pair of pajamas, one bed-spread (no comforter), and a small rug. On Thursdays, women are allowed to put in two pair of pants, four blouses, one skirt, one pair of pajamas, four towels, one bedspread (no comforter), and one small rug.

Students often ask questions about the difference between using their identification and using their money. When students put their clothes in the laundry on their identification, they receive their clothes back folded in a brown paper bag; however, a paying customer receives his clothes back on a hanger covered with plastic. The paying custom-ers are those who pay to get their clothes washed, pressed , starched. No answers have been given on why this is so.

"I have been here for 32 years and it was this way before I came," said laundry su-pervisor Luebirtha Cook from Fayette. I'm just following old procedures."

The laundry also helps the band out by cleaning the band uniforms every three perform-ances. "If the uniforms are started on by Tuesday morning, they will be finish by Thursday afternoon," said Cook.

"I love when the campus laundry cleans my uniform. That way I can spend my money on something else," said Latoya Glasper, a junior nursing major from Vicksburg.