A familiar tone for Alcorn State Braves.

Will's Peeps

Raymond: My cuz lives in Atlanta; grew up with Michael Jordan in Wilmington, N.C. He is a member of Omega Psi Phi and he loves these colors. Looks a lil like Sinbad, huh?

Micah and Christal: Micah and I were summer missionaries in California in 1994. We were going to Oakland International to catch a flight in this photo. (Guess this should be in the Exotic Places) Who ate the peanuts?

Me and Sherry: This is my peep from the City (New Orleans). She is a Xavier grad living in N.O. and an AKA.

Me and my peep, Shannon: This is my friend, Shannon. We were at Disney World on our day off from interning at the Orlando Sentinel. For Shannon, "Gold swindler last seen plummeting."

Chasing Amy: My Boo, Amy. I miss you, girl!

N.W.O. for Life!: If you like wrestling, you will love this one. He is a Christian and was at an FCA meeting in Mississippi.

My family and friends: This is a photo of my family and a few friends from Alcorn State.

Bennie: This minister is one who is most definitely walking in the anointing of the Lord.

Tim: My boy is from NC and hasn't met a Playstation game he hasn't beat.

Chad: This dude is a clown and another (as Tim, Bennie, Anthony and some of my peeps in my family pix) Brave.

ME! My personal photo page.

SWAC This is my fellow Brave, Anthony, and his wife, Urana. His nickname is SWAC and he is an Omega in Germany AND a '95 grad of Alcorn State. This photo was taken in the ballroom.

KT This is my cousin, Kendall. He is no doubt, the man.

Me and Bennie - MIG's - Men in God See Bennie and myself during our dayz on the 'Yard.

Sylvia and me Sylvia was a missionary in Cali and she's a soldier for the Lord. Gonna make some dude a happy man.

Cicero This is KT's dad, and my uncle. He has a phat truck - Ford.

K-Ci Yepp, my fellow Brave with his own page. Peep out his pix!

Andrea This is Andrea, K-Ci's sister. She's leaving the 'Corn, but I ain't mad at her.

Markeese This is my boy, Markeese. He is from Lorman, Miss. and has mad Web skillz.

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