Sir Tim and Ms. Erica

UNC - N.W.O. For Life

Tim and I have been "boyz" for a while. He has been
my friend through thick and thin. And I know how much
he misses Erica, (Hope I spelled it right :-)) so I decided
to hook my boy up with his own page.

Phat links for Braves

JEFFECO: This site is deep. I challenge you to visit it.
Alcorn State University: This is the main link to the Reservation. Check it out and see what the Braves are up to!
Air McNair: Statistics, information about the best college quarterback in history. Newer statistics, information is on the way
My link page: This is under major construction, but it has photo links, business links and everything else under the sun. Check it out!
Braves' Guestbook: Yes, it is finally here. Please, sign my guestbook and tell me your comments, what I can do to improve my site or whatever.
Braves' Homebase: Quick way back to the main page.

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